Unity3D : Modified Advance Fantasy AI Free Edition using 3rd person controller

fantasyAI modified

Advance Fantasy AI Free Edition is quite awesome, but it’s camera only support for static camera from above. I modified it a bit so we can use 3rd person camera style to our character. I create 3rd person camera system based on 3rd person controller from unity3d standard assets.

I also included game manager class for managing AI spawns. here is my modified package of Advance Fantasy AI, don’t forget to include default Fantasy AI in your project.

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Here is sample of modified assets, use ‘arrow” or ‘w-a-s-d’ to navigate player and use ‘space’ or ‘left click’ to attack, and ‘right click’ to snap camera to it’s position.

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  1. galawana says:

    sorry for late reply, please search your package here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sqvp7dfh5ccp7to/YsvzXIh6dM

  2. danny says:

    i like you changes in the character movement script (Fantasy Ai free)………

    Please ,can you share with me …please


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