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Unity3D : Modified Advance Fantasy AI Free Edition using 3rd person controller

fantasyAI modified

Advance Fantasy AI Free Edition is quite awesome, but it’s camera only support for static camera from above. I modified it a bit so we can use 3rd person camera style to our character. I create 3rd person camera system based on 3rd person controller from unity3d standard assets.

I also included game manager class for managing AI spawns. here is my modified package of Advance Fantasy AI, don’t forget to include default Fantasy AI in your project.

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Here is sample of modified assets, use ‘arrow” or ‘w-a-s-d’ to navigate player and use ‘space’ or ‘left click’ to attack, and ‘right click’ to snap camera to it’s position. (more…)

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Unity3D : 4 Recommended Free Assets for RPG Game Starter Pack

Creating a massive RPG game takes a long time, we must create large number of props model, some character model, some building model. there is a lot scripting to do too. Some people has already create really nice assets and share it in assets store and forum. Here they are :

1. Advance Fantasy AI FREE Edition

Advance Fantasy AI Free

By Brilliant Game Studios
Here is Fantasy AI Free Edition! we could get a good taste of what Fantasy AI has to offer! This version features including Easy Character setup system, built in Follow Pathfinding system, Raycasting vision (to detect player), basic animation and targeting system, and much more. In this package also included mini scene about Fight off 500 AI Skeletons called ‘Dungeon Hordes’. Need AI simple found, follow and attack system? just install this free version but awesome of Advance Fantasy AI. (more…)

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