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Unity3D : Advance Skybox Blending for Day Night Cycle

Day Night Skybox Blending

Last time I already create day night cycle with smooth light and fog transition. now I will perfected last day night cycle  in this article by adding Skybox transition from day and night just like the demo bellow. For this functionality we need a custom skybox shader that contain 2 type of skybox and blend factor with range [0-1] type to get combination of 2 skybox texture.

This custom shader is created by Aras Pranckevicius from his article on Unify Community (Unity wiki). I use it and applying it with my DayNightController script in my previous article. Here is the demo scene for complete Day Night Cycle created by unity3D 4 Trial Pro edition.

First create new shader and name it SkyboxBlend, copy code bellow to our shader.


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Unity3D : Modified Advance Fantasy AI Free Edition using 3rd person controller

fantasyAI modified

Advance Fantasy AI Free Edition is quite awesome, but it’s camera only support for static camera from above. I modified it a bit so we can use 3rd person camera style to our character. I create 3rd person camera system based on 3rd person controller from unity3d standard assets.

I also included game manager class for managing AI spawns. here is my modified package of Advance Fantasy AI, don’t forget to include default Fantasy AI in your project.

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Here is sample of modified assets, use ‘arrow” or ‘w-a-s-d’ to navigate player and use ‘space’ or ‘left click’ to attack, and ‘right click’ to snap camera to it’s position. (more…)

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Unity3D : Simple Parallax Scrolling

parallax scrolling

is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D video game and adding to the immersion. The key of parallax scrolling is background layer move by the camera slower than foreground layer.  We will create simple parallax scrolling effect, using UV Scrolling technique and Object Scrolling technique,.

UV Scrolling is a method to create looping animation by moving UV Textures according to textures planar position. We could do this by modifying offset of x-coordinate and y-coordinate of textures. UV Scrolling can be used to animate water flow, river, waterfall, rain, background scrolling, etc

Object Scrolling is a method to create looping animation by moving Object according to world position. After object isn’t seen on the scene / camera, we would move it’s to initial position, so it will create looping object animation.

Here is our final example of the simple parallax scrolling, we could download project file in the end of post. (more…)

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[WIP] Jagawana Project

Jagawana Game

jagawana is a simulation game created by Randy Galawana (me), Muhammad Amin, Rofiqi Setiawan and Feri Firmansyah to be submitted on Gemastik 2011 Game Development Challange. This game is simulation game which using deforestation problems as the challange player must solve to advance in game. This Jagawana was a simulation game project. This project was still Work in Progress because the each of team member has their own work. (more…)

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