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Hiero Match : Complete Project and Extended Tutorial List

Here is complete tutorial ‘Tweaking and Modification’ of Hiero Match : a Matching/pairing game ‘tutorial’  using unity3d from the book UNITY 3 BLUEPRINTS, written by Craig Stevenson and Simon Quig, and published by Deep Pixel.

1. 2. Hiero Match : Adding Exploding Particles Whenever Tiles Removed
3. Hiero Match : Speeding Up The Timer Whenever Tiles didn’t Matched
4. Hiero Match : Adding Start Menu GUI
5. Hiero Match : Add New Challenge “Rotating Tiles”
6. Hiero Match : Polish Your Game a Little bit ‘Shine’ : we will add a game music that’s play on every scene and we also will add some sound effect to your game. (more…)

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